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chextc.wad Category: Doom 2 Megawads screen shot ======================================================================
Date Finished : 7/3/98
Author : The Wildman
Email Address :
Other Files By Author : This is my first.
Misc. Author Info : I waste most of my time with programming, so
is a pretty rare diversion.
 Download  (2,594 KB)  chexq.txt
Author: The Wildman

chris61.wad Category: Doom 2 Megawads screen shot ======================================================================
Archive Maintainer : This is a legalized version of CHRIS60.ZIP
(the original contains all the floor/ceiling
textures from doom2.wad). This version also
contains several bug fixes, but no actual
changes to the content, except the addition
of an internal lmp demo to prevent Doom II's
default demos desynch'ing at startup.
 Download  (1,825 KB)  chris61.txt
Author: Chris Polan

Cyber110.wad Category: Doom 2 Megawads screen shot =====================================================================

Cyberdreams text file - 17/03/1998

PRSAGE proudly presents

 Download  (918 KB)  cydreams.txt
Author: (see text file)