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garrulo.wad Category: Doom 2 Megawads screen shot TEXT IN ENGLISH AT THE END OF FILE

Título : Garrulismo
Archivo : garrulo.WAD
Autor : Eye del Cul
Dirección e-milio :
Página web :
 Download  (2,332 KB)  garrulo.txt
Author: Eye del Cul

grimripp.wad Category: Doom 2 Megawads screen shot ======================================================================
Archive Maintainer : This belongs in /levels/doom2/megawads
Uploaded by : Graham Burgess (gkburgess-at_compuserve_dot-
Update to : Upload of grim-ripper (from, but wit
separate maps combined into one wad by the u
Advanced engine needed : None
Primary purpose : Single+Coop play
 Download  (640 KB)  grimripp.txt
Author: Jaromir Bergmann